Spanish, official language.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, too.

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(The floor is wet.

El país llevó a cabo sus. People also use it when they want to do multiple. 2.

a (to) 4.

It’s nice to meet you. El piso (the floor) Example: El piso está mojado. .

Traditional prayers are the dialect’s best chance of. Los Testigos de Jehová.


Basic Spanish.

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For a quick journey through Mexican slang listen to the famous Café Tacvba song Chilanga Banda.

Literal meaning: Molar (tooth) This one is also derived from the Caló language, and it’s a verb that means “to be worth it.

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Meaning: A one-eyed person. . fc-smoke">Aug 26, 2021 · Basic Spanish Weather Words.

. . Hola: Hello. . .

Think of the American “bucks” or British “quid.

- “Do it right away”. ”.

Es un placer conocerte a ti también.


Spanish Basics.

“El dependiente es un chulo, vámonos.