Non-contact ac voltage detector (2 pages) Measuring. 11.

Non-contact ac voltage detector (2 pages).


. Introduction The Southwire 40110N detects AC voltage from 100V to 1000V. 5% 10A 2000k˜ ±1.


Price: Retail: $9. Tool is in excellent shape with no mahor wear visible. Southwire Pen style voltage tester.

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99 $ $11. Sustainability.

True RMS Multimeter with MApp Mobile App.
Southwire 40110N Southwire Voltage Tester.

Operating Instructions.


. Operating Instructions. MEASURES VOLTAGE with test leads up to 600V AC or DC.

The 41171N Precision Voltage Detector & Tester packs a variety functions into one versatile and powerful electrical tester. . CAT III 600V (2) CAT IV 1000V (1) CAT IV 600V (5) + Show More - Show Less. 600V 7-Function Manual-Ranging Multimeter. Learn more about Southwire’s history, impact and reach. Dual range non-contact ac voltage detector (2 pages).

The recalled voltage detectors are cylindrical shaped, about six inches long and about two inches in circumference.

AUDIBLE AND VISUAL INDICATION of AC voltage on two ranges: 12 to 1000V and 100 to 1000V. In this video Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.


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The Southwire 40116N detects AC voltage from 100 to 600 volts.

Electrical Test Kit including 40110N Non-Contact Voltage Detector, 40010S-A Receptacle Tester, and 10030S Multimeter.